Welcome to our Tribe

We are wild, we are loud, we love people, and more then anything we love Jesus. This is kind of one of those things I have always wanted to do and yet fail miserably after 3 post and then completely forget it exist until a new year and I am all like “Hey I should really start a blog this year!” Only to find out I have like 42 and never did anything with any of them (but hey no ones perfect, right?…and if you are then this isn’t the place for you! This also isn’t a “one topic” blog because I am not a one topic girl. I am passionate about EVERYTHING. I love my family, I love a clean house, I love working out and eating healthy, I love teaching, I love Jesus, I love fashion, I love being real with you…Oh and let me redefine EVERYTHING…I hate laundry (so most likely any laundry post will be me sitting in the middle of a huge pile crying), I hate washing my hair so much, so I have resorted to a once a week (sometimes twice if your lucky) schedule, I also hate the cold and winter and frequently complain about it. If you have gotten this far you my friend are my hero. So welcome to our real life, I hope you enjoy it, its an amazing joy filled journey!

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