UGH…Valentines Day. & 10 Creative, Cheap Dates

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day, for a few reasons.

First, you should love me everyday like it’s Valentine’s day…(LOL I kid, I kid). Russ really does love me like everyday is Valentine’s day, except for the other day when he said, and I quote “Well, you get to sit at home all day and rest…”. Girl, my eyes rolled back in my head and I stomped out of the room like a dramatic teenager who was just told she couldn’t go somewhere. I would like to end this paragraph by stating, Russ is the most incredible man alive and after I let my inner emotional drama die down he explained himself and now we are laughing it, kind of. OK AND WE ARE BACK…

For real First, pinterest has RUINED IT. I feel like Valentine’s day has become this big comparison of who can do more than the other couple, or now that we have a son, whose school Valentine’s Day cards are going to be better. I am going to be really honest…I AM NOT A PINTEREST MOM. I mean don’t get me wrong, I strive to be, but let me be honest, my sons dinosaur PB&J I tried to send one day looked like someone had murdered a frozen uncrustable. Needless to say, now I just cut the crust off of his Ezekiel bread sandwich and call it a day.

Second, do we really need another holiday where we feel the pressure of spending more money on each other. I mean Christmas is the 25th (we all try not to put pressure on ourselves BUT it always happens), our Birthdays are 4 days a part in January, Valentine’s Day in February, We have a small break in March, Ezra’s Birthday in April, then Easter (easter baskets, don’t even get me started), and the list goes on! I Vote Valentine’s Day be changed to “Who Can Save the Most Money While Taking Your Significant Other on a Creative Date Day.”  I would 100% be on board with that holiday!

Third, Now that I have a son I realize how much pressure it puts on our guys, to do more, to do bigger, to spend more. GIRLS QUIT PUTTING PRESSURE ON GUYS TO MEASURE UP TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS BOYFRIEND. Guys why wait until Valentine’s Day? If you have some extra cash in April send her flowers to school or to work. Quit feeling like you have to measure up or be something your not! BE YOURSELF!

Fourth, It also puts pressure on parents…As with most everything in parenting, my motto is: do what keeps you sane. Refuse to bow to Mommy peer pressure and just do what you (a) want to do and (b) have time and money to do. BE YOURSELF! Our Valentine Cards for his sweet class came from the dollar section in Target. They are cute little army men that say I am so glad you are in my Troop! I. LOVE. IT.

So lets end this post on a happy note ( because I swear I am not a Romantic Love Grinch).

Cheap, Creative, and Fun Valentines Day Ideas…

  1. Do a chore you don’t normally do or help with (like clean out her car, get the gloves, JK JK ;))
  2. Take some time and make a Mix Tape or playlist! (if you are 21 or under you are probably like mix tape, whaaaa…Google it.)
  3. I love this one…Undivided Attention. I am terrible about being on my phone at nighttime trying to catch up from the day. So Why not go 24 hours (Valentines Day) without being on your phone…WHOA!
  4. Mail them a letter, if you are married mail it to your house address to him or her. You will need to put it in the mail by February 10.
  5. Why buy a card when you can go to the store, set a 3 minute timer, each of you find a card and read it to each other? Then you take a selfie while you hold the card the other person picked out. You didn’t spend a dime and have great memories! You could do this more than once to see who can find the funniest card, the sweetest card, the dumbest card, if you are married (ONLY IF YOU ARE MARRIED), the most inappropriate card.
  6. Take a dance class
  7. Decorate the house and have an indoor picnic
  8. Check out a movie at the library
  9. Bake heart-shaped cookies
  10. Thrift store date: Go to the thrift store, with a $10 limit each, the guy will pick out an outfit for a girl, and Vise versa. Go to dinner, or to the movies dressed in the outfits each other picked out.

These are just a few of the ideas that make Valentine’s Day less of a “what all can I get you day” and more of a “lets make some incredible memories” day!

Also for you moms I added some of my favorite (and cheap) Valentine’s Day cards for the class or for friends in my amazon link! Click Here for Valentine’s Day Cards

Do you have some creative memory making ideas for Valentines Day? Please leave a comment below for everyone to see!

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