Our nations divide is not a political problem it is a spiritual problem. We have become more concerned with who we voted for than who we live for.
As I write this blog, I am convicted because I have been guilty of everything I am going to talk about. If you are somebody who was offended or turned off of Jesus by me doing any of this I apologize, I am sincerely sorry.
Politics. The word almost makes you want to cringe, turn off the TV, and hide. Politics are becoming a wall (no pun intended) between our nation. We as Christians have put up a political defense and instead of defending Jesus, we are defending our political party. Every day I get on social media, see a magazine, watch the news, I see another protest, another degrading post, another argument and my heart breaks.
Now before I continue I want to clarify what I am NOT SAYING in this post. I am not saying to sit down and not stand up for Jesus or what he has called us to stand for. I am also not saying to let’s accept everything and just sing around a fire peace, love, and acceptance. I am not saying to stop using your platform whether it be a stage, social media or your job, to spread the gospel and the message of salvation. I am one that will loudly proclaim my beliefs, my convictions, and my love for Jesus. If you asked me right now my stance on homosexuality I will tell you and use scripture to back it up. If you ask me my stance on abortion, I will defend those little lives with all of me. If you ask me about my Jesus, I will gladly tell you about the grace He has poured on me, about the love He has given me and about the truth He has spoken over me. I will tell you I love people, all people, gay, straight, murderer, giver, thief, and lover. I will also tell you, I do not agree with everyone’s lifestyle and the cheesy quote “love the sinner, hate the sin”, is an anthem in my life. I say this because when Jesus climbed on a cross it was because He loved Bo-Hartley, the sinner, but hated my sin. So this post isn’t on remaining quiet but instead asking is standing for Jesus and standing for your political party something that should be separated? Are politics killing the church, not the building church, but the body of Christ?
There are so many options for church now. There are churches whose doors are open to everyone. They welcome people young, old, doubters, believers, gay, straight, and those who simply need a community to love them as they are. There are churches that serve others with joy and Christian coffee houses that may well be the new face of the church in America. Some churches provide platforms for open discussion and others that equip thousands of volunteers to offer true compassion. There are small churches, “mega” churches, churches with loud worship, and quiet worship. The church isn’t a place for the righteous to become more righteous, it is a place for the broken to find restoration. The problem is, the ones who are trying to find restoration, cannot determine whether they’ll be met inside these churches with God’s love or God’s wrath. These people see a myriad of Christians in heated arguments about politics, they see pastors disagreeing, and as they watch us from the outside they wonder where this “Love of Jesus” everyone talks is. So instead of looking for comfort in the walls they stay away. As Christians, our faith informs our actions, meaning yes it should determine how you vote and your political stance.However, should we, as Christians, continue the national political divide by arguing what candidate did what?
I have seen post, comments, and messages that degrade people as human beings for voting one way or another. I have been called racist twice because of who I voted for. Instead of remaining quiet or answering in love I started a political debate, and I regret it to this day. I have also seen people call each other horrific names like; pervert, stupid, racist, murderer, moron, and the list goes on, because of who they voted for. And here is the staggering part some of these people CLAIM TO LOVE JESUS! We are called to share the gospel, to stand for the name of Jesus until death, to let faith determine our actions but more than any of that we are called to love. Matthew 22: 36-39 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37 Jesus replied:“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ In that love we introduce people to the face of Jesus and that is where they are changed.
Our nations divide is not a political problem; it is a spiritual problem.This can only be fixed when we quit laying the blame of our nations decline on others and lay our burdens for our nation at the feet of Jesus. It can be fixed when instead of being appalled by who each other voted for we become obsessed with loving them anyway. Our goal in life is to advance the kingdom and carry the persona of Jesus in everything we say and do. So, continuing voting because as Americans it is a privilege and as Christians it is our responsibility. But if someone asked you who you voted for answer how you like but in that remember “who I voted for holds no candle to who I live for”, because someones salvation is not worth your political stance.
“When a group of Christians try to implant through government our beliefs on others as superior, that subverts the basic constitutional prohibition concerning separation of church and state. And when we try to use the federal government to intercede in religious affairs, it inherently weakens the unique character of Christ’s kingdom.”

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