One Year Life Update (quit my job, had a baby, teaching at home, and losing all the weight)

Man what a year it has been! I am so excited to get back on the keyboard and update you guys on life. Since February of last year I quit my job as a teacher, had the chunkiest sweetest little love, started back working on my graphics, decided to put some curriculum together and teach Ezra at home, and currently I am working my hiney off to get back to healthy me. I am going to spend the next couple of days updating and editing the blog site so I can keep you guys in the know! I plan on limiting the site to family, fashion, faith, and fitness. This sounds like a lot, but a lot of it will be integrated together!


Outfit Deets

My Jacket: Target A New Day X-Small

My Shirt: Target (I have a medium and a large, I think I like the Medium fit better)

Leggings: Victoria Secret Sport

Ezras Jacket: Patagonia I buy him one every year he out grows it. I absolutely love Patagonia everything! But these jackets are easy to wash and go great with dressier outfits or just to school

Ellie is rocking the lime green kickee pants footie. Her Paci clip is by lilybitty. Headband is Amazon and her jacket is old navy.

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