February Bucket List

I am in the process of writing a very vulnerable post about fear. It could take days or weeks so until then I wanted to give you guys some fun bucket list ideas. We started a tradition of a monthly bucket list, and we have had a blast! I thought I would start sharing our February list with you guys! I know it is already a little bit into February BUT it is ever too late to start something new!!


Eat Heart Shaped Doughnuts

Find and Pick Pink Flowers

02-05 Bubblegum Day

Make Valentines Day Cards

02-09 National Pizza Day

Make Strawberry Pancakes

Take Valentines Pictures

Decorate for Valentines Day

1. For Pizza Day we made breakfast pizza! We are eating pizza chips for snack, homemade pizza pockets for lunch, fruit pizza for dessert, and going to eat pizza with daddy for dinner!

2. For bubblegum day we blew up 75 balloons that look like bubblegum, made bubblegum flavored cupcakes, did a couple of bubblegum arts and crafts, and watched bubble guppies marathon!

3. Target has a ton of great valentines decorations in the dollar section, I can’t wait to decorate.

4. Krispy Kreme carries heart shaped doughnuts during the month of February, ya girl loves some doughnuts!

We use a chalk board and chalk markers to make our bucket list each month and I try to take the time to make it look like “the month”. 

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