5 Apps that Give You Money and Save You Money

I have taken the past two months to download and research different apps that give cash back for everyday purchases, money for referrals, and clothes that I don’t have to donate bone marrow to purchase. I found so many apps that I LOVE but these made my top 5. These 5 apps had the best value, required the least amount of work (call me lazy, I don’t even care), gave me the most money, and were the most accessible!


I recently just earned $68 in 2 months through Ibotta. Ibotta allows you to earn real money for shopping. Start by searching the different offers in the product gallery and choose the ones you’re interested in. Every time you purchase an item in the product gallery and take a picture of your receipt, pending cash is added to your account. Once the purchase is verified, cash is put into your PayPal account. Ibotta has over 50 stores with thousands of items. We use it for our groceries at Target, Publix, Wal-Mart, and Winn-Dixie. I also just recently purchased 2 pairs of Under Armour shorts online (through the ibotta app) at $14 and received $13 cash back!



Honey is a free service that makes it super easy to save time and money online. Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout on thousands of sites. But that’s not all–– Honey also instantly finds better prices on Amazon and offers rewards on many stores. It is so easy to use and access. Click on the link above, add the extension, create an account, and done! I actually ordered Ezra a few things from Old Navy. Honey saved me an extra $30…SCORE!



Poshmark is my jam.

Poshmark is an app for people to buy and sell name brand items at an extremely low price. I have bought outfits, brand new swell water bottles, books, items for my classroom, makeup, clothes for Ezra and Russ, and jewelry. My most recent order included 2 ShowMeYourMuMu Sweaters a brand new Swell water bottle, and a Kat Von D Eyeliner for, are you ready for this, $57.

Also if you Sign up with code BHWARREN to get $5 added to your poshmark account for your first order!



I just recently started using RetailMeNot and I love it! This app finds coupon codes for tens of thousands of retailers while on the go. When you check out cashiers scan them straight from your phone. Many places support the app’s location-based service. If you turn it on you can use it and your phone will alert you when you get near a store that has a sale or a coupon available.



I make the most money with this app. Connect your credit & debit cards to the Dosh cash back app. Use them where offers are available, book travel with Dosh, and get cash back, Auto-magically. A cash back app without any hassle. No UPC scanning. No receipt photos. No mail-in rebates. No promo codes. When you link your card you automatically get $5 AND everytime someone downloads the app using your unique code you get $5. IT IS AMAZING!

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